DAP’ Norah Tanui smashes her personal best set just 2 day ago to take victory in the 3000m SC at the ISTAF Berlin Meeting on Sunday


norahtanuiBerlin, 27August - ISTAF Berlin Meeting 2017, it is almost mandatory to underline the women’s 3000 meters steeplechase, a “luxurious” race that took place during the meeting.

The story of the race narrates the victory of Kenya’s Norah Jeruto Tanui with a sumptuous 9'03 "70, new personal best for her, lowering her old personal record of 9’05”31 set just two days ago at the Weltklasse Zurich IAAF DL Meeting.

With today’s performance Norah Tanui places herself in 7th place in all-time rankings for the women’s race.

In second place German’s Gesa Felicitas Krause who reached the finish line with a great performance of 9'11 "85, 6th European of all-time, while American Colleen Quigley finished third in a time of 9’15”97, personal best also for her.


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