Demadonna's Muktar Edris of Ethiopia and Yeman Crippa of Italy collected second and third place at the Giro Al Sas, Trento on Saturday 06

Giro del Sas 2018There was a high expectation for this race, with Muktar Edris plurivittorious in recent years called to try to win the title for the fourth time, and above all there was Italy's Yeman Crippa who in his 'Trento' could not disappoint his many friends and funs.

At the end it happened that Edris would place himself in second position with a time of 28'31" after shinning throughout the first three laps and then having fought until the penultimate lap with the brilliant Jacob Kiplimo, of Uganda, winner of the race with a time of 28’17”.

Crippa did what he could, that is, he fought as a great champion that he is with the leading group up to the fifth lap, then he slightly detached from the group remaining nonetheless in challenge for fourth and fifth palce with, Chemutai and Korir.

In the last stages of the last lap, Crippa launched his final sprint with all determination and strength to finally conquer the precious third position. Exalted by the public, Yeman won the podium for the joy of his fans in a time of 28'34".


At the "Chicago Marathon", penultimate Major before New York, which took place on Sunday 07, third place for Demadonna's represented Ware Shure Demise of Ethiopia reaching the finish line in a time of 2h22'15".

Our Shure Demise finished behind Kenya's Brigid Kosgei first in 2h18'35" and her compatriot Roze Dereje second in 2h21'18".

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